Maison Noir Collection

XOXO Black Box | YYZ Love Letters

Candle Scent:
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Gift Includes:

  • Suede + Leather Hand Poured Soy Coconut Wax Candle
  • Palo Santo Bundle 3 Sticks: Our Palo Santo is sustainably and responsibly sourced from fallen branches in Peru & Ecuador. Palo Santo "Bursera graveolens" is a natural wellness product. When burnt, it is used for meditation and to cleanse your space. 
  • Individual Luxury Long Matches in a Glass & Cork Bottle. Striker on the bottom
  • Bundle of Palo Santo
  • Mast Chocolate: Sea Salt, Coffee or both!
  • A handwritten YYZ love letter, a personal note filled with love and encouragement included with each gift


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